Mystery Alumnus Sends $180,000 In Cash In A Box To City College Of New York


When in-person classes resumed at the City College of New York, the chairperson of the physics department found a big surprise waiting in the mailroom. It was a box that contained $180,000 in cash.

“I picked it up, it felt a little heavy. I’ve never seen anything like this before, except in movies. A month or a month and a half later, we heard from the FBI the money is all ‘clean,'” the chairperson told WLNY.

the chairperson also discovered that the donation was sent back in November 2020. In the box, there was a note that was written by the mystery sender and alumnus that the money was a way of giving back to the school that help them start their career.

Local police were able to confirm that the money was "clean" and now the school will use it to help provide scholarships.

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