Tamara Starr, Editor

While working as a content and video producer at a major news network in 2016...I realized that I was getting burned out. Not because of the industry itself... but because I noticed a focus on sharing news that involved casualties, unfortunate circumstances, and scandals. And I understood the reasons behind that- it resulted in more clicks!

However, during that same time, I decided to take a step back to figure out what I wanted to do with my career. I worked in pharmacies as a Pharmacy Technician (I had a license since high school since journalists aren't paid that much- shocker) and later got my UX/UI certification.

While working on some UX projects, I finally realized what I was missing... While working as a journalist, I LOVED covering stories about people and organizations who CHOSE to give back to their community. In fact, to this day, I will always cherish my days as a reporter in Dedham, MA, because of how involved that whole community was. If you lived there...you cared!

I want to write those stories again! I want to feature those kinds of stories on this site because they can become a reminder that we are human. That we do love. That we do care. That we can give back. I understand that is not every person...but at least it can show that loving humans exist and are not just a myth. New York is my hometown and is my heart. So I want to showcase those New Yorkers making a difference across the state (and not just in NYC).

So welcome to Emperial Samaritan! I hope you can read these stories about these amazing New Yorkers, and maybe you may want to give back in some way.

Chat with you all soon,


Executive Editor & Founder

If you have a story idea for Emperial Samaritan, or just want to say hello, I can be contacted at Tamara.Starr@EmperialSamaritan.com

Emperial Samaritan Staff

                                     Simone Doroski


Simone Doroski is the Editor of Emperial Samaritan, advocate, and real estate agent. She has over 20 years of experience in advocacy work, writing, and organizing events for various functions. She resides in Long Island, NY, with her husband and two children.

If you have a story idea for Simone, contact her at Simone@EmperialSamaritan.com

                                      Rebecca Dillard


Rebecca Dillard is a Reporter for Emperial Samaritan and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, and a CrossFit and nutrition coach. She has had years of experience at non-profit organizations and has lived all over the globe. 

Born in Germany, and moved to Scotland when she was 12 years old. So she has had a rich cultural experience throughout her life. 

When Rebecca isn't in the gym, she enjoys spending her free time at Breweries, cooking, seeking NYC adventures, and now calls Brooklyn, NY, her home.

To contact Rebecca, email her at Rebecca@EmperialSamaritan.com

To send news stories or tips, send an email to news@emperialsamaritan.com so that we can start sharing!

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