Co-Creators of International Fashion Business Created To Help Global Relief


One of 1 Design Fashion is an online fashion site. The clothes are handpicked in numerous countries around the world. A percentage of the sales on the site goes back to the respective country towards ongoing community service projects.

"Our dream and ambition is to empower global small business to support one's ability to provide for their family, support financial independence, create jobs in their community, and enhance the evolution of humanity, Said Joceila Stieven.

One of 1 Design Fashion currently has 3 lines; from Turkey, Portugal, and the Philippines, and is soon launching a Hawaiian collection. Each line is uniquely different, and contains a story about the artist and the history on which it was based. The products range from hand-dyed leather jackets and shoes to rose gold henna jewelry. These products were all personally chosen during the travels of the owners of the company.

One of 1 Design Fashion was created by Joceila Stieven and Simone Doroski.

Joceila Stieven was born in Brazil. She took classes with a private tailor where she learned how to sew the black dresses and trademark suits inspired by Chanel. She learned how to sew on a sewing machine from a young age. Joceila and her college roommate had a sewing design room in their apartment where they made their own clothing and even a line of gym wear. She then started using a private tailor/designer to make custom-made elegant dresses, shoes, and bags for evening wear. Joceila’s wardrobe is a collection of brands and designers from around the world, as she enjoys buying unique pieces during her travels. As a fashion designer and curator, she wants to advocate for vitality and art and create a connection with One and One World Culture.

Simone was born in Australia and has lived in over 10 countries. Her ambition to give back to the world and help other artists in diverse cultures to develop is what fuels her desire to travel. She found her passion for fashion while she was traveling and noticed the different colors, textiles, and patterns that you don't see in America. Simone has a BA in Mass Communications and Fashion, and uses her education for her love of supporting small artisans. Simone has been sewing since she was 5 years old and has been designing her own clothes since she was 14. Simone was inspired to create this organization when she was roaming the market in foreign nations and fell in love with the unique designs of the artists she met. She began buying clothes and loading up suitcases full of foreign fashion when she was 14 to bring back to America. Simone sold her foreign fashion at her friend's shop when she was 18, completely selling out and paying part of her way through college. This experience was what led to her decision to create an online business:

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