Stories of How James Taylor Music Has Healed Souls

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There’s really no other songwriter whose work touches the soul like James Taylor’s does. There’s an authenticity, a human connection that’s undeniable. As a six-time Grammy award winner and Rock and Roll inductee, he has sold more than 100 million albums since the release of his debut album in 1968. Today, more than five decades later at the age of 73, James Taylor is still on the road filling concert stadiums and touching the hearts of adoring fans worldwide. His song “That’s Why I’m Here” is a dedication to his fans who “are like summer coming back every year.”

Rebecca Gold is one of those millions of super fans who credits him with turning her life around. As a “latchkey” teen in the 1970s, she was lured into a cult until the music and lyrics of James Taylor spoke to her soul and she felt understood. Her story is not unique. James Taylor has inspired, consoled and has been a friend to so many others who have stories of how his music has been a source of healing throughout their lives.

In 2015, Rebecca created a Facebook page, Life With James Taylor, to connect with other fans and share stories. During the long months at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, she began collecting some of her favorite anecdotes from fans around the world and created “That's Why We're Here” to share these heartfelt stories.

From seeking solace and healing through songs dealing with death and grief to riding the waves of illness and recovery to experiencing the sheer joy of seeing James Taylor in concert (for the first time or the fiftieth), these stories are full of hope, love, friendship, and connection. It is a tribute and a thank you to James Taylor, as well as an affirmation of our common humanity.
Rebecca Gold is an author and the founder of Yogic Writing™, a practice that utilizes the philosophies and disciplines of yoga, meditation and journaling to help writers of all levels to heal, reveal and leave a legacy through writing life stories. She is currently writing her next book, “From Your Mat to Your Memoir: Creating a Yogic Writing Practice to Find and Write Your Life Stories.” 

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