How can we make things better for New Yorkers?


In the 36 years I have been on this earth, a lot of things have happened to New York. A lot of terrible things. However, whenever something would happen I would always hear, "meh...New York will bounce back- we've dealt with worse."  And to be honest it still confuses me....but that has been the case.

Love the state or hate the state, New Yorkers always find a way to create masterpieces from tragedy. It's almost as if nothing much comes when we are comfortable... and then when there is pain or sorrow....the ones who choose to stick around end up creating amazing music, literature, performances, or even the best business strategies.

I'm not saying that we only perform our best work with struggle. However, I am saying that comfort makes us happy with the status quo...while discomfort forces us to think. How can we make this better? How can we better protect ourselves? I wonder if there is someone out there that needs help?

2021 is almost at an end.  I am not sure what 2022 will bring, however, I do have a feeling that there are going to be more people out there who want to serve the community. There will be more arts and culture-based shows to explore. But most importantly, there will be those who will choose to stick around to find out how can we make things better. 

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